Tromsø IL calls for a boycott of the World Cup 2022

Tromsø IL has a statement regarding the World Cup in 2022.


For several years there has been strong criticism of FIFA and Qatar in connection with the World Cup in 2022. It all started with the award of the championship which was called corrupt by several reports, followed by reports of unworthy working conditions for visiting workers related to the construction of the facilities of the World Cup. 

Various players have for many years reported an enormous number of deaths related to the upcoming World Cup. The system is described as a modern slavery. 

The strategy per now has been dialogue and to criticize Qatar. The Norwegian Football Association has itself chosen to follow this strategy. A tool we in Tromsø IL believe in! 

But the criticism and dialogue has led to nothing. The Guardian recently published a report showing an alarming number of deaths connected to the contruction of WC arenas. The numbers are tragic! The dialogue strategy has not been giving necessary results and we feel it is time to move on to the next step; a boycott. 

We love that so many people love football and that many want to invest in our sport. Money has become and will always be a part of our sport. However, this does not mean, that we at the same time, accept corruption, life-threatening working conditions and look the other way when atrocities take place. 

Tromsø IL believes it is time for football to stop and take a few steps back. We should think about what the idea of football is and why so many people love our sport. The fact that corruption, modern slavery and a high number of deaths are the foundation of the most important thing we have, the World Cup, is not acceptable at all.  

Thus, we can no longer sit and watch people die in the name of football. Football cannot control the politics and internal affairs of all nations. But what we can do is to set clear requirements for football tournaments that we arrange ourselves. 

Tromsø IL will urge the Norwegian Football Association to support a boycott of the World Cup 2022. We believe that if Norway qualifies through the upcoming qualification, we should refuse to travel to Qatar. 

Tromsø IL will also not take part in the promotion of WC 2022 on our communication platforms. 

On behalf of Tromsø IL!


Spokespersons to the media:

Tom Høgli (head of social engagement)  tel. +47 934 15 395

Øyvind Alapnes (CEO), tel. +47 911 32 044

Ruben Yttergård Jenssen (captain), tel. +47 416 82 322

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